Supply Solutions USA, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 2008; Supply Solutions is an online based company selling industrial supplies. We have an inventory of over 100,000 products. Abrasives, Janitorial, Hand Tools, Machining, Material Handling, Safety, and Metal Working are just some of the types of industrial products available to you through our website.

Supply Solutions USA, Inc. focuses on selling and servicing industrial supplies for factories, welding and metal fabrication manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and utility companies).

We operate virtually; meaning that overhead costs associated with storage, warehousing, and office staffing are all done on a remote basis. Operating costs are reduced as a direct result of this internal structure, and cost savings are passed down to our consumers.

By partnering with local suppliers and service providers; Supply Solutions USA, Inc. provides you with quality products backed with effective after sales support. After sales support is done either directly or via local sales associates to ensure efficient and accurate delivery of products which are up to customer expectations.

Supply Solutions USA, Inc. is a the supplier who can provide your company a reliable supply of welding products and industrial supplies. Driven by a team of professionals able to provide support and reliability for your product and services, Supply Solutions USA, Inc. has the access to products that you need at the most competitive rates.


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